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2011 Recap

I just returned from the 3rd Annual Homeboys Vegas Trip, which was way too much fun, but more than anything I realized how much has changed in the course of one year. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more action-packed year than this one. Seeing how I dropped off the face of tumblr four or so months ago, a year-in-review seemed like a good way to pick things back up. I’m mostly writing for myself anyway, right?

About this time last year I was having a leash hung around my neck and getting ready to be led on for months. But I’ve certainly written enough about that.

More importantly, I’ve gone on journeys from 200 miles to 6,000, where I pretended to be a hipster at a music festival, experienced the very unique Catalan culture, and drunkenly stumbled through the wackiness of Sin City. Here’s to my increasingly broken-down Buick lasting another year of adventure. It’s got no air conditioning, cracked mirrors, and only two windows that roll down, but it’s still going.

I finally achieved jobs beyond mind-numbing retail work and found out that real estate isn’t for me, while the public sector may be just my style. Work environment really is critical; the real estate office was dry and depressing, while at the County office you hear laughter throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt that at the County I’m actually getting to put my education to use as well.

Speaking of education, I’ve gone from being impressed by the UC system to being annoyed and cynical towards it. The Occupy incidents and the tuition hikes have something to do with it, but really the planning program at UC Irvine is a joke. No wait, it’s a theory of a joke. We increasingly get the feeling that the professors don’t really care, and I feel like I was baited into the program by a course catalog’s promise of design classes that never came into being. They really need to drop the Design from the Planning, Policy, and Design Department. It just pales in comparison to Cal Poly Pomona. This program alone would not prepare you for a career in planning.

I also fell into my first real relationship with a woman, after the previous comedy of errors turned me into more of a man and less of a boy. We’ve been together for eight months now, and I don’t have any complaints. We both still think about the 7 year age gap between us, but I’m content to just see where things go.

What brought this realization of change to my mind, however, was that last year I still had a particular close friend who I could ramble/laugh/cause mischief with. He was with us on the last Vegas trip; we half-jokingly said he’d been replaced by his roommate this trip. Where a year ago he was an extremely sociable and funny guy headed for a PhD in chemisty, now he’s a hardcore Jehovah’s Witness who has dropped out of contact with just about everyone in his life that was important to him. He’s still studying for the PhD, but from what his roommate has noticed he’s now struggling in the program.

He started looking at becoming Jehovah’s Witness so he could continue seeing a girl that he really fell hard for. It’s amazing that he’d exclude family and friends and change himself so much just for one especially controlling girl he hasn’t even known for a year, but there you have it. I could write a blog just on the debate he and I have had the past few months, but I won’t.

It’s been a big year.